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South Swell Leadership information

South Swell Development Group, LLC (“SSDG”) is a nationally focused real estate development company founded by brothers Dan Harte and Rob Harte.

SSDG pursues a proprietary business model focused on the acquisition of commercially developable lands that possess the potential to generate interim and unique cash flow through natural resource and wetland mitigation activities of preservation, restoration, enhancement and/or creation, while separating the upland portions for conventional development activities.

SSDG operates on the premise that the nature of real estate is cyclical. Within these cycles, there is the potential for large fluctuations of values. SSDG engages in strategies that not only capitalize on the current real estate cycle, they also deliver a development approach that provides a “non-traditional” opportunity to create additional cash flow through the sale of mitigation credits to third parties. These mitigation activities are independent from the highly profitable conventional development options. SSDG believes that these “non-traditional” activities will provide meaningful cash flow through the sale of mitigation offsets to third parties, while simultaneously hedging the risks and enhancing the returns of traditional land development methods.

How South Swell Development Works

Business Model Diagram

SSDG acquires land with both significant natural resource value and traditional development potential. These sites are often overlooked by real estate developers who perceive the land as a burden to development.

South Swell then creates, restores, enhances, and/or preserves a portion of the land within these sites. In return for these newly created valuable ecological communities SSDG receives mitigation credits, which are sold to developers, public agencies and other third parties.

Create and sell tokens
New natural resource areas enhance the development value

These newly created and protected natural resource areas provide an aesthetic landscape for South Swell’s residual uplands, ultimately enhancing the properties development value.

SSDG retains the upland portions (as well as the adjacent natural resource areas which are now in conservation) and implements traditional real estate development strategies when the markets permit.

SSDG preserves the wetlands and develops the uplands.