South Swell Development Group SSDG preserves wetlands while developing uplands

South Swell Development Group (“SSDG”) is a nationally focused land development and wetland mitigation company focused on the acquisition of commercially developable lands that possess the potential to generate interim and unique cash flow through wetland mitigation activities of preservation, restoration, enhancement and/or creation, while retaining the upland land area for future conventional development activities as the real estate market recovers.

SSDG purchases land that is ecologically significant. These acquisitions often have hidden value because despite their natural settings and aesthetics, the prevailing assumption is that the economic viability of the land is severely restricted. This perception is due in part to increasing layers of governmental oversight that regulate development in and around these sensitive areas.

South Swell land restoration

SSDG is owned by Rob Harte and Dan Harte

SSDG has the wherewithal to address these ecological issues by applying sophisticated and proven restoration techniques that can render most, if not all, of the land income producing. In this process, SSDG creates a “second bucket” of cash flow by providing these restored lands to developers and other third parties in need of them. The result is a win-win-win outcome. Here’s how it works:

(1) SSDG locates and acquires environmentally sensitive land that offers the potential for mitigation and sustainable commercial development. In general, these properties have been devalued in the marketplace because of a perception that traditional development will be minimized and burdened by environmental hurdles such as the existence of wetlands or other protected natural habitats.

SSDG then uses its expertise to create protected habitat areas and other enhanced natural environments that (2) provide additional value by selling the credits associated with the enhanced and improved natural environments to developers and other third parties in need of SSDG land in order to advance their own projects. These developers typically are stymied in their attempts to move their own projects along and willingly pay a premium to SSDG for our preserved and enhanced areas, thus giving the developers the necessary “offsets” to allow their projects to move forward, and (3) increases the market value of the abutting residual upland real estate not used in the enhancement activities, which is being held by SSDG for future commercial development.

The winning results are threefold. First, a significant spread is created between SSDG’s costs and the value of the land at the time of acquisition because of a discounted purchase price when measured against the “value add” of SSDG’s plan. Second, a residual benefit occurs for SSDG when the enhanced natural environments are created and the benefits are sold to outside developers; these areas provide a natural view corridor and permanent aesthetic landscape for our residual adjoining uplands, ultimately enhancing their overall value. Finally, SSDG will use these multiple layers of value creation and profits to provide above market investment returns to our investors.

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