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South Swell Leadership information

SSDG is owned and controlled by Dan Harte and Rob Harte who have a combined forty years experience in the acquisition, finance, conservation, entitlement, construction and development of environmentally significant lands and properties.

Dan Harte is the founder and CEO of Tampa Contracting Services (“TCS”). TCS was founded in 1988 and is a leading site contracting company with an emphasis on the restoration and creation of ecologically and environmentally important lands. TCS current and past clients include the US Department of Interior, the U.S. Navy, Florida Department of Natural Resources, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Southwest Florida Water Management District, Sarasota Bay National Estuary Program, numerous county and municipal governments as well as private developers. In over 20 years of rebuilding natural habitats and the creation of these sensitive ecosystems, TCS has a most impressive 100% success rate. Dan earned his B.S. from the Florida Institute of Technology and his Masters in Science Education from the University of South Florida. Upon graduating from USF, Dan began his professsional career as a physics teacher. Five years later, Dan transistioned his technical skills to the construction industry and soon founded TCS.

Pre and Post construction of Port Redwing Habitat for Southwest Florida Water Management District

Rob Harte has been an entrepreneurial real estate developer for over 20 years, conducting the acquisition, financing, entitlement, development, management and disposition of real estate properties which have an estimated total development valuation in excess of $2 billion USD. Rob co-founded and served for 17 years as managing member and president of Chicago based international real estate developer PRM Realty Group, LLC (“PRM”). Rob oversaw all aspects of PRM’s worldwide daily operations. During this period, Rob operated throughout North America, South America, the Hawaiian Islands, Caribbean, Europe and Southeast Asia. Rob graduated from Quincy University, located in Quincy Illinois, with a B.S. degree in Business Management.

Rob Harte was managing member of PRM