South Swell Development Group

South Swell's Mission

SSDG’s mission is to be a premier green real estate development company by creating value through identifying, acquiring, conserving, entitling, and developing land.

Our mission is to be a green development company

Today’s continually increasing environmental concern has brought with it new laws and regulations that restrict what property owners can implement on their land. These constantly evolving laws and regulations affecting property rights filter from the federal level down through the state, county, and municipal levels, thus generating development opportunities for bold and innovative land development techniques.

SSDG operates in front of this trend, focusing on acquiring properties to serve this particular niche. These distinct sites generally have environmental and/or wetland components and are passed over or considered undesirable by the traditional development community. Our acquisition targets are also typically too small and/or too expensive to restore, therefore undesirable and once again passed over by the narrow scope of the mitigation banking community. SSDG’s niche focuses on acquiring these twice “passed” on parcels which present SSDG with both mitigation solutions for third-parties and development opportunities for the traditional development market.